Mailchimp Packages

Email marketing has more potential to reach your audience rather than your message being at the mercy of of social media algorithms.

You want to automate but you are not sure where to start. You have to really know what it is you want to do and be absolutely clear on the blueprint. We start by keeping it simple and ensure that we facilitate the human process. These things are key.

Mailchimp may not be perfect but it is great solution for users with modest needs and offers a pretty robust free plan for up to 2000 subscribers. It has capabilities most users aren’t even aware of.

I won’t pretend that I know everything (there is always more to know) but I do have a good knowledge and we can start where most opportunity is.

Assessment & Planning

  • Includes
  • Assessment & Planning

Mailchimp Set Up Basic

  • Includes
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Audience Set Up
  • Subscriber Import

Mailchimp Set Up Plus

  • Includes
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Audience Set Up
  • Subcriber Import
  • 1 – Ezine Template
  • 1 – Email Template

Mailchimp Set Up & Nurture

  • Includes
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Audience Set Up
  • Subscriber Import
  • Upto 3 Newsletter Templates
  • Up To 3 Email Templates
  • One Welcome / Nurture Series Automated Campaign Set Up

Additional Add-Ons

Branded Templates

  • Includes
  • Landing or Email Template Page

Subscriber List Import

  • Includes
  • Import Subscribers (Current Subscribers Only)

Campaign / Success Reporting

  • Includes
  • Campaign Success Stats
  • Comparative (pro A/C’s)
  • Automation Report
  • Landing Page Performance

Nurture / Drip Campaign

  • Includes
  • Dependent On Needs



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